Sunday, 15 September 2013

Giuliana Saladino - a documentary

Giuliana Saladino was my grandmother's sister. She was a political activist and a journalist, quite reknown in 1970s Sicily for her reports about mafia and widespread corruption.

When Palermo-based Playmaker Produzioni asked me to get involved with some animations in a documentary about Giuliana, I simply had to accept. It was challenging, not just because of the realistic visual style but also because I felt emotionally burdened in telling the story of a member of my family.

I reviewed hundred of photos in old family albums, and strayed from the familiar path of cartoony Flash-animations to work in Photoshop Animation and AE instead.

Here's a few character design studies:
Giuliana in her 60s.

Giuliana in her 40s.

Giuliana in her 20s.

Marcello Cimino
The job took me all of summer of 2013, and while London went through an unprecedented heatwave, it felt to me like being back in Sicily.
The documentary has premiered at Italian Doc Screenings in October 2013.

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