Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cute Catholic Saints: San Valentino

SAN VALENTINO, or Saint Valentine, was a martyr and the bishop of Terni, in Umbria.
In ancient iconography he's represented close to an axe and a tree stub, but the internet's got no explanation for it.

The feast happens in the same days as Roman Lupercalia, fecondity celebrations somehow connected to the wolf cults.

Valentino is considered to be the saint patron of LOVE, young lovers, happy marriages and EPILEPSY.


Giulia said...

A kind reader told me that the chopped tree suggests that february is the best time of the year for pruning. He also hinted I'm such a city girl :D

Un lettore gentilissimo segnala che febbraio e' il momento migliore per la potatura. E mi da' della "cittadina" :D

Giulia said...

made up my mind. the tree stump and axe stand for beheading. that's martyrs for you.