Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Return of Auntie Lorraine

Probably the best thing I did this year was working with animation director Christian De Vita for one of 5 short films commissioned by his majesty WES ANDERSON for the launch of his latest feature film, Moonrise Kingdom. The task we were assigned was animating little sequences inspired by the illustrated books the girl in the film brings with her in her suitcase. I was paired with illustator Kevin Hooyman, who provided beautiful BGs and atmosphere. The character, Lorraine, had to be tweaked a little bit to be more apt for animation. Here's a compared view of the inspiration drawing and the character as she appears in the film:
Here's the last frame of my animation, showing Lorraine in a Frankenstein's bride hairdo, that apparently Wes Anderson liked a lot and has been used as a representative still in many articles about the film.
You can watch "The Return of Auntie Lorraine" here or the full promotional film through this link.

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